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March 29, 2021

It’s World Optometry Week!

World Optometry Week is a time dedicated to eye care professionals around the world for the outstanding care they provide to patients both young and old. In honor of World Optometry Week, the Wolfe Eye Clinic physicians and staff are taking a moment to thank our internal optometry providers as well as all the optometrists we partner with across the state of Iowa for sharing their patients with us. We are extremely thankful for the continued trust you place in Wolfe Eye Clinic and the opportunity to provide the most exemplary medical and surgical care possible to your patients. We could not do what we do without the many amazing optometrists we are fortunate to work with every day!

World Optometry Week was kicked off by World Optometry day which is celebrated on March 23rd every year as a symbol of celebrating the optometric profession. It has been celebrated since 1986 when Dr. G. Burt Holmes, former president of the American Optometric Association, took ownership of IOOL (International Optometry and Optical League) and transformed it into a dynamic organization committed to improving vision care standards all around the world. Read more about the history here!

Should I visit an Eye Doctor or Optometrist? 

 One of the most important senses is sight. In fact, 80% of all information and interaction is influenced by what we see. Regular comprehensive eye exams at every stage of life are important to keeping your vision healthy and strong.

Did you know your eye doctor, or optometrist can catch health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure at your eye exam? Because of this, everyone in your family should have a regular yearly eye exam. Do not wait until you have a vision problem, eye diseases are common and can go unnoticed for a long period of time. In fact, some ocular diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and macular degeneration have no symptoms at first, and can affect peripheral and central vision before you may notice. All of these diseases can be caught and diagnosed at an eye exam.

Five ways to protect your vision:

  1. Yearly eye exams
  2. Eat a healthy diet
  3. Wear sunglasses
  4. Know your family’s eye health history
  5. Quit or don’t start smoking

If you start to experience any changes to your vision, such as flashes or floaters, double vision, blind spots, glare, eye pain, or loss of vision call your eye doctor. Seeing an optometrist is your go-to-source for anything eye or vision- related whether you are having vision concerns or just needing your yearly eye exam.

Eye Doctor Near Me

If you need help finding a local eye doctor, a quick online search can help you find an eye doctor near you. Wolfe Eye Clinic partners with local eye doctors around the state, so if you need a medical or surgical eye specialist, rest assured your eye doctor can refer you to Wolfe! Both optometrists and ophthalmologist have a contributing role in providing crucial eye care, which is why World Optometry Week is so important to celebrate!

We are very thankful for the many optometrists we have the opportunity to work alongside every day. Our mutual patients receive the best care possible with all of us working together.  We are excited to celebrate you this week and every week!  Happy World Optometry Week!