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Best Doctor for LASIK Eye Surgery

You’ve probably thought to yourself, “how do I find the best LASIK surgeon?” When searching for the best doctor to perform your LASIK eye surgery, LASIK patient experience and technology should be highly considered as well as the surgeon’s philosophy regarding LASIK. It is important that you meet your LASIK surgeon prior to scheduling the procedure as your physician should be the one to review your measurements and discuss your vision goals with you to determine if the procedure is right for you. The health of your eyes should always be taken seriously rather than feeling rushed or pressured into having the procedure done. At Wolfe Eye Clinic, your vision and quality of life is our priority.

Our LASIK Process and Expertise

Wolfe Eye Clinic LASIK surgeons take the time to personally discuss your vision goals with you and review your surgery options during your no-obligation LASIK consultation. Not only do we use our best technology to treat all patients, but we take your concern about your vision very seriously! Wolfe Eye Clinic LASIK surgeons are eye specialists, known as ophthalmologists who have had subspecialty training in LASIK surgery.  You can learn more about them here:

Dr. James Davison Dr. Christina Gillmor Dr. Benjamin Mason
 Wolfe Eye Clinic LASIK Specialist Dr. James Davison in Des Moines, Iowa.  Wolfe Eye Clinic LASIK Specialist  Wolfe Eye Clinic LASIK Specialist Dr. Benjamin Mason in Cedar Falls, Iowa.
Dr. Thomas Meirick Dr. Matthew Rauen
Dr. Reid Turner   
 Wolfe Eye Clinic LASIK Specialist, Dr. Thomas Meirick  Wolfe Eye Clinic LASIK Specialist Dr. Matthew Rauen in Des Moines, Iowa.  Wolfe Eye Clinic LASIK Specialist Dr. Reid Turner in Ottumwa, Iowa.
 Dr. Caroline Wilson      
 Wolfe Eye Clinic LASIK Specialist Hiawatha    

Many of our surgeons are cornea sub-specialists who manage complex medical and surgical diseases of the cornea. Some even participated in FDA trials for the excimer laser in 1994 and introduced Iowa to several laser technologies. These technologies include the most current approach to all-laser LASIK, the WaveLight® FS200 femtosecond laser in 2011 and the WaveLight® EX500 excimer laser in 2015 as well as previous technologies like the IntraLASE laser in 2002 and Allegretto Wave excimer laser in 2007.

By staying at the forefront of technology and experience throughout our 100-year history, Wolfe Eye Clinic LASIK surgeons can continue to offer superior LASIK care in our Des Moines LASIK Center and Cedar Rapids LASIK suite. With experienced LASIK surgeons across the state, we offer free LASIK consultations in Iowa at our Ames, Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids (Hiawatha), Des Moines, Fort Dodge, Iowa City, Marshalltown, Ottumwa, Pleasant Hill and Waterloo clinics.

Questions to ask your LASIK Surgeon

Wolfe Eye Clinic refractive specialist, Dr. Matthew Rauen meets with patient during LASIK evaluation in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

When considering LASIK it is important to do your research into a provider’s reputation, training and technology. While price is an important consideration, quality of care before, during and after your eye surgery should be top priority. These are your eyes we are talking about! As you look further into LASIK laser eye surgery, make sure to ask any prospective provider the following questions!

What LASIK technology do you use and is that included in the cost?

Wolfe Eye Clinic uses 100% bladeless, all-laser LASIK technology. Specifically, our LASIK surgeons own and use all components of the WaveLight® Refractive Suite including the laser-flap creator (WaveLight® FS200), vision correcting laser (WaveLight® EX500) and swivel bed. The WaveLight® Refractive Suite is the fastest refractive surgery platform available in the United States and is housed in our climate-controlled operating suites. Our LASIK surgeons use this advanced technology on all LASIK patients for no additional charge. We will not offer you anything less than the best for your eyes.

How many LASIK procedures have you performed?

Wolfe Eye Clinic has been performing refractive surgery since 1984 and introduced Iowa to all-laser LASIK in 2002. In fact, some of our surgeons even participated in the FDA trials for excimer laser in 1994. We have performed more LASIK surgeries in Iowa than any other provider in the state, nearly 50,000 LASIK procedures.

Do you require contacts be removed prior to my consultation?

Yes, our LASIK surgeons require contacts be removed prior to your LASIK consultation. Contacts can change the shape of your cornea over time. For accurate testing results and surgery measurements, it is important that your cornea return to its natural shape before being evaluated. Depending on the type of contacts you wear, you may be without them for one or three weeks prior. Your LASIK coordinator at Wolfe Eye Clinic can help you determine the date you'll need to remove them to correspond with your LASIK consultation appointment.

Do I meet with my surgeon (ophthalmologist) at my LASIK consultation? Or will it be an optometrist (eye doctor)?

During your consultation at Wolfe Eye Clinic, your LASIK surgeon will be the one to review your measurements and testing results with you. You and your surgeon will discuss your vision goals and through that discussion will determine which options are the best fit for you, your eyes and lifestyle. We ensure all your questions are answered before scheduling surgery.

If I am not a candidate for LASIK, do you perform other types of refractive surgery?

Our LASIK surgeons are highly trained ophthalmologists who specialize in complex medical eye treatment and surgery. This means a couple of things. First, if you are not a candidate for LASIK, you may be a candidate for another type of refractive surgery such as PRK or a more advanced procedure, like having an implantable contact lens (ICL) placed. Unlike some other LASIK providers in Iowa, you are evaluated for all refractive surgery possibilities at Wolfe Eye Clinic. Second, as eye specialists, we are equipped to care for a variety of complex eye diseases. This allows us to be able to superiorly respond to any complicated eye issues, should they arise.

What results can I reasonably expect after LASIK?

While most Wolfe Eye Clinic LASIK patients end up with 20/20 or better vision, your provider should never promise you perfect vision. Promises of perfect 20/20 vision should be considered a red flag. Our LASIK surgeons are transparent with you in what to expect after LASIK and how well the results will meet your long-term vision goals.

If I have an issue after LASIK, will I be able to meet with my surgeon?

Absolutely. While uncommon to have serious issues after LASIK, you are be able to meet with your LASIK surgeon. Our LASIK surgeons are based in Iowa, meaning they do not fly in for a day or two a month to perform surgery and then fly back out. Our specialty teams believe in being there for you before and after surgery. 

Is follow-up care included? Can I meet with an optometrist (eye doctor) closer to home after surgery?

Follow-up care for one year is included with your LASIK investment. This typically consists of three to four visits which can be done with your LASIK surgeon, a Wolfe Eye Clinic optometrist or an optometrist of your choice closer to home. Wolfe Eye Clinic has more referral relationships with optometrists across Iowa than any other provider. This means your surgeon is able co-manage your post-operative LASIK care with your local optometrist at no additional charge to you.

How many of your patients need further corrections after LASIK? Are enhancements included?

At Wolfe Eye Clinic more than ninety-five percent of patients do not need any further corrections as our enhancement (i.e., touch up) rate is less than five percent. For up to two years, enhancements are included with your LASIK investment at no additional charge. Most patients know if they need an enhancement within a year. At Wolfe Eye Clinic, you do not have to jump through hoops to start the enhancement process, unlike other providers.

Choose an Industry-Leading LASIK Surgeon for Your Procedure

You can learn more about LASIK laser eye surgery consultations and what to expect after LASIK surgery here on our website. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions. Our LASIK Coordinators are available at (833) 532-8809 or you can schedule a free LASIK consultation online now!