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Our Partners & Specialists at Wolfe Audiology

Wolfe Eye Clinic’s subspecialty medical care doesn’t stop at the eyes but rather extends to another crucial sense as well, hearing. Much like losing vision, hearing loss can be detrimental to everyday quality of life. Offering compassionate and personalized audiological care along with state-of-the-art diagnostic and hearing aid technologies, Wolfe audiology specialists provide expertise in evaluating and treating mild to severe hearing loss. With locations in Ames, Cedar Falls, Des Moines and Marshalltown, Wolfe audiologists have helped thousands of patients achieve Better Hearing for a Better Life®. If you’d like to schedule a hearing evaluation appointment with a Wolfe audiologist, call (866) 642-8142!

Wolfe Audiology Services in Iowa

Aging is a natural part of life and is often accompanied by the development of eye diseases and hearing loss. While Wolfe Eye Clinic was established in 1919 and primarily specialized in eye disease treatment, many patients simultaneously suffered from loss of hearing as well. In 1983, Wolfe Audiology was founded as an expansion of Wolfe Eye Clinic’s Marshalltown clinic to better serve patient needs after two ear, nose and throat (ENT) doctors joined the practice. Together, they began offering comprehensive hearing loss evaluation and treatment services and dispensing hearing aids while helping grow the practice from one location to four. Since then, Wolfe Audiology has become known for providing personalized care, offering the latest in hearing aid technologies and a “one-stop-shop” for audiological needs and hearing aids in Iowa.

What is a hearing evaluation?

During your hearing evaluation in Iowa at one of four Wolfe Audiology locations, your experienced and licensed audiology specialist will:

  • Perform comprehensive hearing tests to accurately and precisely diagnose your level of hearing loss and determine possible hearing loss causes
  • Personally discuss your hearing goals with you and answer your questions
  • Offer customized hearing solutions which may include:
    • State-of-the-art hearing aid technology
    • Tinnitus therapy
    • Speech assistance
    • Environmental solutions to enhance your hearing and help make speech clearer
    • Ear wax management

Wolfe audiologists are passionate about helping patients regain control over their hearing and reconnect with those they love through better hearing. If you have noticed that you’re not hearing as well as you once did, the first step is to schedule a hearing evaluation near you with a Wolfe audiologist.

How do I pick a hearing aid?

Wolfe audiologists not only provide leading audiology services to Iowans, but are hearing aid specialists helping you select the best hearing aid for your ears, hearing needs, lifestyle, environment in which you spend your time and budget. There are hundreds of hearing aids to choose ranging from traditional models to advanced digital hearing aids. Wolfe Audiology has spent the last decade testing various hearing aids from a large number of hearing aid manufacturers. Leveraging that experience and knowledge, Wolfe audiologists offer some of the best hearing aids in Iowa. Helping you every step-of-the-way, Wolfe Audiology makes ordering and enjoying your hearing aids easy, and we will be here if you need us along the way.

It really is that simple!

Iowa Hearing Aid Fittings and Care

Wolfe Audiology hearing aid experts are here to help you make an informed decision as well as personally “fit” your hearing aid to your ear and program the technology to your hearing needs. This process is called a hearing aid fitting. Wolfe Audiology can fine-tune your hearing aid to help you hear in a variety of hard-hearing environments such as restaurants or crowded spaces. And Wolfe Audiology care doesn’t stop there.

Your Wolfe audiologist may also…

  • Educate you on proper hearing aid placement, care and cleaning
  • Offer live speech mapping to help your loved ones see and understand the benefits of hearing aids in real-time
  • Help you understand what hearing aid accessories are needed and how to use them
  • Adjust your hearing aids over time to maximize the benefit from your hearing aids
  • Provide hearing aid cleaning and maintenance services

Find an Audiologist Near You

Wolfe Audiology is here for you and your hearing. We make it easy to find and audiologist near you with four locations across Iowa. At each, our audiology specialists provide the latest and best audiology services for your needs. From comprehensive hearing tests to expert hearing aid fittings, Wolfe audiologists, Dr. Robyn Nepper and Dr. Angela Mollenhoff, and Hearing Instrument Specialist, Amy Melik-Israyelyan are ready to help restore your hearing.

 Robyn Ritchey, Wolfe Audiologist Amy Melik-Israyelyan, H.I.S doctor-angela-mollenhoff
 Robyn Nepper, AU.D.      Amy Melik-Israyelyan, H.I.S. Angela Mollenhoff, AU.D. 



To learn more about Wolfe Audiology and their services, visit their website here. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with a Wolfe audiologist at one of Wolfe Audiology’s four locations Ames, Cedar Falls, Des Moines and Marshalltown, call (866) 642-8142.