Comprehensive Vision Care at Wolfe Eye Clinic

Optometrists and ophthalmologists at Wolfe Eye Clinic work hand-in-hand to provide premier comprehensive eye care and treatment. While ophthalmologists, or eye specialists, specialize in complex medical and surgical management of eye diseases, optometrists are typically referred to as eye doctors and provide primary medical eye care. This includes the diagnosis and treatment of vision changes as well as the correction of eyesight through traditional methods such as contact lenses and eyeglasses.

Wolfe Eye Clinic optometrists serve patients in Ames, Des Moines, Hiawatha (Cedar Rapids), Marshalltown and Ottumwa, as well as our Wolfe Family Vision Centers in Albia, Belmond, ClarionFairfield, Grundy Center, HumboldtSac CityStory CityWaverly and Webster City.

Wolfe Eye Clinic Optometry Services

Wolfe Eye Clinic optometrists offer a variety of primary eye care services for patients of all ages including children.

Assess Vision Changes: If you have recently noticed a change in your vision, your Wolfe Eye Clinic optometrist is a great place to start. Depending on your vision issue, they will perform a number of vision tests to determine possible causes.

Comprehensive Eye Exams and Eye Disease Screenings: A comprehensive eye exam is a series of vision tests that examine your eyesight and evaluate the health of your eyes for diseases or conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, retina disease and others. Many times, your pupils are dilated so that your Wolfe Eye Clinic optometrist can fully examine the back of your eye including your retina and optic nerve. Like a health physical, comprehensive eye exams should be scheduled on a routine basis to ensure vision health over time and early eye disease detection and prevention. How often you should be seen for a comprehensive eye exam depends on your age, medical and family history as well as your overall eye health. Your Wolfe Eye Clinic optometrist will let you know how soon you should be seen for your next eye exam!

Referrals to Wolfe Eye Clinic Eye Specialists: If an eye disease is discovered during your vision appointment, your optometrist may easily refer you to a Wolfe Eye Clinic ophthalmologist, for further specialized testing or surgical treatment if needed.

Post-Operative Eye Care: Patients that receive specialized eye treatment, have eye surgery such as cataract surgery, or have LASIK laser eye surgery by a Wolfe Eye Clinic ophthalmologist, generally continue to visit their primary eye care optometrist as well. Together, your optometrist and Wolfe Eye Clinic ophthalmologist work closely to cooperatively manage your eye disease treatment and post-operative care. This collaborative relationship allows for excellent eye care to be provided, many times, closer to home.

Vision Correction: Whether you’re struggling with a refractive disorder such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism or have been diagnosed with an eye disease like strabismus or cataracts, eyeglasses and contact lenses are often an effective way to correct vision without surgery. Wolfe Eye Clinic optometrists are experts in examining your vision and identifying the vision correction solutions right for you.

  • Eyeglasses: Wolfe Eye Clinic offers a variety of eyeglass frame styles in our clinics that offer optometry. We also offer a variety of lenses including single vision, bifocal and trifocal lenses with options such as scratch resistant coating and anti-reflective treatment. The best eyeglasses for you depend on your vision prescription, lifestyle and cosmetic preferences. Your Wolfe Eye Clinic optometrist will examine your vision and help determine your options.

  • Contact Lenses: Wolfe Eye Clinic optometrists are experts in contact lenses. Like glasses, there are many different types of contact lenses. Contact lenses are small, curved lenses placed directly over the cornea, the outermost portion of the eye to correct a patient’s refractive disorder. Everyone’s cornea is different in shape, curvature and topography, and because of this contact lens materials and features vary. Your Wolfe Eye Clinic optometrist will help determine your contact lens prescription and the lens type that’s best for you and your lifestyle.

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Wolfe Eye Clinic optometrists are here to help with your primary eye care needs serving patients in Ames, Des Moines, Hiawatha (Cedar Rapids), Marshalltown and Ottumwa. Submit our form here to schedule an appointment or give us a call at (833) 474-5850.

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