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March 1, 2023

Wolfe Eye Clinic and The EyeCare Associates join to serve Waterloo, Cedar Falls

Waterloo, Iowa (March 8, 2023) – Wolfe Eye Clinic and The EyeCare Associates, two leading Iowa experts in vision, have joined as one entity to provide full-service eyecare for the Waterloo-Cedar Falls area. Now collectively operating as Wolfe Eye Clinic, all patients can receive combined ophthalmology and optometry expertise in one location. 

The announcement comes at the onset of Save Your Vision Month held each March. Save Your Vision Month supports the commitment of eye health and vision care providers who go beyond a vision correction prescription to deliver essential eyecare, an important component of a patient’s healthy vision regimen. 

  “For more than 100 years, Wolfe Eye Clinic has served Iowans in the treatment of and research into healthy vision,” said Tom Hurney, chief executive officer of Wolfe Eye Clinic. “By having The EyeCare Associates join us, we broaden to a full-service provider where patients can benefit from our combined strength. From glasses to innovative surgery, comprehensive eyecare is now offered. And the Waterloo-Cedar Falls community will continue to experience a positive economic impact from our local presence.”  

From glasses to innovative surgery, comprehensive eyecare is now offered

Wolfe Eye Clinic is located at: 

·         999 Home Plaza, Suites 100-101, Waterloo, Iowa 

·         516 South Division Street, Suite 120B, Cedar Falls, Iowa