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Wolfe Eye Clinic Marshalltown

Located near Marshalltown's hospital on East Church Street, Marshalltown Wolfe Eye Clinic offers a breadth of sub-specialty medical and surgical eye care services. Wolfe Eye Clinic was founded in Marshalltown and the clinic location here remains Wolfe Eye Clinic's administrative and corporate headquarters. Our Marshalltown surgeons have specialized fellowship training in the areas of cataract and LASIK surgery, cornea disease, glaucoma, and retina disease. We provide complete medical and surgical eye care for Iowans. Utilizing the latest technologies and eye care treatments, our eye doctors in Marshalltown, Iowa strive to provide a higher standard of eye care excellence for each and every patient. Your eyesight is our vision, and our highly experienced ophthalmologists have the qualifications and equipment to treat your condition.

Eye Care Services Available At Our Marshalltown Eye Clinic

Many of our eye doctors at Wolfe Eye Clinic have additional advanced fellowship training in a specific area of eye care expertise, making our office fully capable of serving your eye care needs. Due to its proximity in the state and our home office, there are more specialties and doctors rotating through Wolfe Eye Clinic Marshalltown than any other one of our locations. We provide a full-range of eye care services including:

  • Cataract Evaluation & Surgery: Your risk for cataracts increases as you age, however certain health conditions and habits can influence them even more. Schedule an evaluation at our office in Marshalltown today and determine if your cataract symptoms might be a candidate for cataract surgery.

  • Glaucoma: Many forms of glaucoma can go unnoticed as they have no obvious signs or symptoms. If you begin to experience patchiness in your vision, tunnel vision, headaches, eye pain, and even nausea, talk to your eye doctor or reach out to a Wolfe Eye Clinic glaucoma specialist.

  • Corneal disease: The cornea is the outermost layer of the eye and is responsible for the majority of our eye’s focus ability. Some corneal disease conditions run in families, but it is important to have routine eye exams and reach out to a cornea specialist if you have concerns. Be sure to always protect your eyes to avoid corneal injuries.

  • Retina Disease and Surgery: There are a variety of retinal disease, most of which have visual symptoms including blurred vision and seeing floating specks. It’s important to pay attention to these signs so you can find care quickly. Our team of specialists encourages you to call our office in Marshalltown for your evaluation and treatment of a possible retina disease.

LASIK Evaluations At Wolfe Eye Clinic Marshalltown

Wolfe Eye Clinic Marshalltown has eye doctors that are specialized in LASIK laser vision correction and other refractive surgery alternatives. Offering free consultation and advanced testing for LASIK, Wolfe Eye Clinic Marshalltown is the perfect location for your LASIK needs. Our eye doctors will perform a full eye examination to determine your candidacy for surgery, as well as ensure there are no other preexisting conditions that have gone unnoticed. You can speak with our specialists about LASIK treatment options available at Wolfe Eye Clinic, and work with him/her to decide which option is the best for you. If surgery is necessary, it will be performed at our all new state-of-the-art Des Moines LASIK facility. Schedule your LASIK evaluation today here, or give us a call at (833) 532-8809

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Wolfe Eye Clinic Marshalltown Optical Department

As one of our three main clinic locations that offer an optical department, Wolfe Eye Clinic Marshalltown is the perfect location to try on and purchase new eyeglasses. Stop by today to check out the large selection our Marshalltown eye clinic has to offer.

The Best Eye Doctors in Marshalltown, Iowa

As one of our most important senses, it is absolutely crucial that you protect your eyes. Understanding the wide variety of eye conditions along with the symptoms will help you lower the chance of blindness or poor vision. Our eyes give us sight, something our eye doctors at Wolfe Eye Clinic Marshalltown don’t take for granted. Having decades of experience, our doctors are committed to satisfying your eye care needs and expectations.

Schedule and appointment with our eye doctors in Marshalltown, and rest assured knowing you’ll be receiving the best care for your eyes.

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