February 2, 2017

Eye Care Spotlight: Iowa City

We are proud to serve the Iowa City community!Wolfe Eye Clinic Iowa City

Get to know our doctors in this area and the eye care services that we offer.

Iowa City is one of Wolfe Eye Clinic's main office locations, providing complete medical and surgical eye care. The city is often referred to as the 'Athens of the Midwest'-a nod to the many cultural and intellectual activities that you can find throughout the area. Another fun fact is that the University of Iowa educates 50 percent of Iowa's physicians. We're proud that you can find a number of these qualified doctors at our locations throughout the state.

Wolfe Eye Clinic has been serving Iowans since 1919 and opened its office in Iowa City in 2013. As a main office location, our doctors provide a wide range of eye care services including cataract, retina and corneal disease evaluation and treatment, as well as evaluation for LASIK laser vision correction surgery.

Dr. Gothard, Dr. Kartvelishvili and Dr. Larson are the primary doctors that provide eye care at this location. This team has played a large role in helping Wolfe Eye Clinic lead the way in eye care for Iowans with their dedication to peer research and investing in the best technology for all of our patients.

To schedule an appointment in Iowa City contact us at 800-542-7956.