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Wolfe Eye Clinic Iowa City

Wolfe Eye Clinic in Iowa City provides complete medical and surgical eye care for patients in eastern Iowa. Our eye surgeons in Iowa City are highly-trained in their specific fields and perform a wide range of eye care services, including treatment for glaucoma, cornea disease management and surgery, cataract removal surgery and retina disease management and surgery. Our eye surgeons lead the eye care industry, using only the latest and best technologies and eye care treatments for patients. We are proud to provide an alternative location for referring physicians to send patients, and more than happy to work with referring physicians, dedicating the absolute best care to all of our patients. If you’re looking for an Iowa City eye specialty clinic, give us a call today! We are committed to providing a higher standard of eye care excellence to meet your needs.

Medical Services Available at Wolfe Eye Clinic in Iowa City

Vision is our most important sense as the primary way for us to experience our surroundings. When you choose Wolfe as your Iowa City eye clinic, you can rest assured knowing our eye specialists provide the best eye care in the industry. Our surgical procedures also involve the latest technologies. Take the time to familiarize yourself with some of our more common eye care services provided at our Iowa City location:


LASIK Eye Surgery Iowa City

If you suffer from a refractive disorder such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or have an astigmatism, you may qualify for LASIK surgery. LASIK is performed to improve vision with little to no reliance on glasses or contacts, and the success rate is exceptionally high. Wolfe Eye Clinic in Iowa City provides thorough LASIK consultations to determine candidacy and to help our patients decide if LASIK surgery is the best treatment option. If you choose to schedule surgery, it will be performed at our state-of-the-art LASIK center in Hiawatha (Cedar Rapids). Our team is more than qualified with over 33 years of experience, providing only the best treatment for our patients. If you'd like more information on LASIK laser vision correction in Iowa City, request an information packet here, or give us a call at (833) 532-8809!

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Cataract Surgery

If you’re noticing your vision progressively worsening, you may have a cataract, a medical condition typically found in individuals around 60 years or older, but as young as 40. Built up protein in the lens of the eye causes a cloudiness making seeing difficult. At Wolfe Eye Clinic Iowa City, we provide complete cataract treatment. Learn more about this virtually painless procedure and the early symptoms of cataracts, and call Wolfe Eye Clinic today if you’re looking for cataract surgery in Iowa City.

Retina Eye Surgery

There are various types of retina surgery depending on the condition, each involving its own unique procedure. The retina is vital to our vision and requires an ophthalmologist for treatment, typically one who is specialized in the area. Get to know the variety of retina diseases that can occur along with their symptoms. The ophthalmologists at Wolfe’s Iowa City eye clinic are advanced in their medical specialties.

Corneal Disease and Treatment

Due to the many possible corneal injuries and conditions, there’s a variety of treatment options. As the outermost layer, the cornea is the eyes shield, protecting it from foreign particles and substances. All layers of the cornea need to be free of cloudiness in order to see clearly. Our corneal disease specialists offer complete treatment and expertise for your condition. Please call our doctors if you have any corneal disease related questions, or would like to schedule an evaluation at Wolfe Eye Clinic in Iowa City. 

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For the best eye treatment and protection, come to Wolfe Eye Clinic Iowa City. Feel confident knowing that you’re receiving the highest quality of care for your eyes when you visit our specialists. Schedule and appointment with one of our eye surgeons in Iowa City, your sight is our vision.

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