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Wolfe Eye Clinic Ames

From LASIK consultations to glaucoma treatment, Wolfe Eye Clinic in Ames, Iowa offers a variety of specialty eye care services. By utilizing the latest technologies and eye care treatments, the doctors and staff of Wolfe Eye Clinic Ames all strive to provide a higher standard of eye care excellence for the people of central Iowa. We have offices around the state so that finding highly-qualified ophthalmologists and eye care services is convenient for all Iowans.

Services Offered at Wolfe Eye Clinic Ames

With a wide variety of services offered at all of our locations, Wolfe Eye Clinic Ames has the eye care services to treat your condition. Our eye doctors at our Ames eye clinic specialize in services including:

  • Cataracts: Cataracts develop slowly over time, clouding the typically clear lens of the eye and causing blurred vision. If you begin to notice the symptoms of cataracts, or are looking to learn more about the condition, we encourage you to contact our cataract specialists at Wolfe Eye Clinic Ames. Our cataract surgeons offer cataract evaluations to help you determine the next steps for cataract surgery. Your eye doctor may also let you know at your yearly check-up if it is time to see a cataract surgeon at Wolfe Eye Clinic and provide a referral.

  • Glaucoma: As one of the leading causes of blindness for individuals 60 years old and above, glaucoma should not be ignored. Our glaucoma specialists in Ames encourage you to take the time to familiarize yourself with the symptoms and risk factors of glaucoma. Seeing your eye doctor for routine eye exams will help to monitor your condition, and your eye doctor will refer you to a glaucoma sub-specialist if further treatment might be needed.

  • Corneal disease: The cornea plays two very important roles for our eyes and vision. As the outermost layer, it acts as a shield preventing any germs, dust, and other harmful particulates from entering the eye. The cornea also helps focus the entry of light into the eye, and is responsible for the majority of the eye’s focusing power.

  • LASIK: Wolfe Eye Clinic Ames offers free LASIK consultations so you can easily find out if you are a candidate for laser vision correction, or another refractive surgery. Our LASIK specialists in Ames are specialized in LASIK treatments and encourage you to explore options for your best vision without the hassle of contacts or glasses at Wolfe Eye Clinic. Call (833) 532-8809 to schedule a free LASIK consultation or if fill out our form here. If you have any questions regarding LASIK, our coordinators are here for you every step of the way. 

  • Retina Disease and Surgery: A healthy retina is necessary for good vision. Our retina surgeons in Ames offer multiple treatment options for your condition including the most advanced treatment options in intravitreal injections and retina surgery. Please contact a retina specialist at our Ames eye clinic for more information on your eye condition.

LASIK Consultations in Ames

When you schedule your LASIK consultation at Wolfe Eye Clinic, our specialized LASIK teams will complete a comprehensive medical eye exam. After determining your candidacy, your LASIK surgeon will personally discuss the different treatment options so you can decide what’s best for you. Your LASIK surgeon can answer any questions you might have regarding your vision and treatment options. If you are a candidate for surgery, your Ames LASIK surgeon will perform the laser vision correction surgery at our state of the art LASIK Surgery Center in Des Moines. Learn more about LASIK consultations at Wolfe Eye Clinic here!

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Wolfe Eye Clinic Ames Optical Department

In addition to our specialty eye services, our Ames clinic also includes a full optical department. If you’re looking to try on glasses, we have a large selection to choose from and experienced opticians to help answer questions.

Find an Eye Doctor in Ames

Choose Wolfe Eye Clinic Ames for your specialty eye care needs. Our eye specialists have decades of experience, many with additional advanced fellowship training in a specific area of eye care expertise. At our Ames eye clinic, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be receiving care from highly-trained ophthalmologists using only the most advanced technology and procedures. Our specialists, surgeons and staff take pride in the relationships they form with their patients and families. We understand how important your vision is and strive to make all of our patients feel as though they are receiving the best eye care in Iowa.

Our eye specialists take great pride in serving the eye care needs of Iowans across the state. If you’re looking for eye services in Ames that you can rely on, contact Wolfe Eye Clinic. We know how important your eyesight is, and strive to satisfy the needs and expectations of each of our patients. Better Vision for a Better Life is always our goal!

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