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Medical Services

Our Medical Eye Services

It’s no secret that healthy eyes are crucial to maintaining a high quality of life. Diseases that impact your eyes can threaten vision and daily life as we know it. In practice for over 100 years, Wolfe Eye Clinic is a specialty medical and surgical eye care clinic that has helped over 700,000 patients with Better Vision for a Better Life®. Our Iowa-based ophthalmologists and optometrists, also known as eye specialists, are experts in diagnosing and treating eye diseases such as:

With locations across the state of Iowa, Wolfe Eye Clinic is known as Iowa’s premier specialty eye clinic, providing trusted, specialized care to each and every patient. The ophthalmologists at Wolfe Eye Clinic are commonly referred to specialists by optometrists all across the state and we work closely with these eye doctors in each patient’s local community to provide the best care of our mutual patients. Not only do we employ some of the most skilled eye surgeons in the Midwest, but our specialists are known for participating in clinical research nationwide and for being the first in the state to offer the latest in technology and treatment options for Iowans.

Here is just a peek into the many medical and surgical eye procedures offered at Wolfe Eye Clinic:

Cataract Surgery in Iowa

A cataract clouds your naturally clear lens through the build-up of proteins. Typically, the development of a cataract is gradual and related to aging. However, cataracts can be present at birth or result from trauma to the eye. As a cataract develops within the eye, light is diffused when passing through your eye’s clouded lens causing blurry, foggy and dull vision as well as difficulty seeing in low light and sensitivity to glare. Driving at night can also be particularly difficult. Cataracts are not reversible and may only be removed through cataract eye surgery.

Wolfe Eye Clinic cataract specialists are skilled in diagnosing and surgically removing cataracts. Through the use of innovative technics and technologies, we have been instrumental in the evolution of making cataract surgery in Iowa what is today – a highly successful and safe surgery.

Wolfe Eye Clinic cataract specialists offer cataract evaluation and treatment in Ames, AnkenyCarrollCedar FallsDes MoinesFort DodgeHiawatha (Cedar Rapids)Iowa CityMarshalltownOttumwaPleasant HillSpencer and Waterloo. Our cataract surgeons also provide outreach cataract services to many smaller Iowa communities working in cooperation with local optometrists and the local hospitals.

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Cornea Eye Disease

The cornea is the outermost layer of the eye. Primarily responsible for refracting light onto the back of your eye to achieve clear vision and focus, the cornea also acts as your eye’s first line of defense against bacteria and foreign objects. Cornea diseases such as keratoconus, dry eye syndrome and corneal abrasions threaten the cornea’s integrity and may cause mild to severe vision issues.

Wolfe Eye Clinic cornea specialists are here to help. Diagnosis using advanced corneal evaluation methodologies are critical to appropriate and effective treatment. Furthermore, Wolfe Eye Clinic has a history of offering state-of-the-art corneal treatments including being the first in Iowa to offer corneal transplants outside of a University setting in 1960. Our specialists continued that reputation in 2016 by using KXL® system to surgically treat keratoconus the same year upon FDA approval.

Wolfe Eye Clinic cornea disease specialists offer cornea disease evaluation and treatment in AnkenyDes MoinesFort DodgeHiawatha (Cedar Rapids)Iowa CityMarshalltownOttumwa and Pleasant Hill.

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Glaucoma is an eye disease that damages your optic nerve which is responsible for transmitting visual information to the brain. While there are many types of glaucoma, the disease is generally caused by a backup of fluid within the eye and the resulting increase in eye pressure known as intraocular pressure. The diagnosis of glaucoma and management of intraocular pressure, if present, is crucial to preventing permanent vision loss or total blindness. Glaucoma symptoms may include eye pain, tunnel vision, headaches and seeing halos around lights.

Wolfe Eye Clinic glaucoma specialists have expertise in evaluating, managing and treating all types of glaucoma. From being the first in the state to utilize advanced technologies such as a Trabectome in 2007 to performing glaucoma surgery across the globe, Wolfe Eye Clinic is here to offer premier care and experience in glaucoma treatment.

Wolfe Eye Clinic glaucoma specialists offer glaucoma evaluation and treatment in Ames, AnkenyCedar FallsDes MoinesHiawatha (Cedar Rapids)Iowa CityOttumwaPleasant Hill, and Waterloo.

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Oculofacial Plastics

Eye functionality and vision are not only limited to the health of internal eye tissues but the facial structures, tissues and bones surrounding and supporting the eyes as well. This can include eyelids, eye sockets, and the lacrimal or tear system, to name a few. Oculofacial surgeons specialize in the care, treatment and reconstructive surgery of these critical eye support structures. Oculofacial plastic services may be medically necessary to improve vision negatively impacted by a variety of causes including disease, trauma, congenital defects, tumors or aging changes or cosmetically desired to enhance appearance.

Whether your vision is impaired or you’re looking to improve your facial appearance through cosmetic services such as botox for hooded eyes or under eye filler injections, Wolfe Eye Clinic’s fellowship trained oculofacial specialists are here to help. Experts in the careful evaluation and reconstruction of oculoplastic structures, you can trust you’re in good hands.

Wolfe Eye Clinic oculofacial specialists offer evaluation and treatment in Ankeny and Des Moines.

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While ophthalmologists, also known as eye specialists, specialize in the treatment of eye diseases, optometrists are experts in comprehensive vision care and enhancing vision through traditional methods such as eyeglasses and contact lens fittings. Wolfe Eye Clinic offers optometrists that are skilled in performing comprehensive eye exams, prescribing eyeglasses and fitting contact lenses as well as diagnosing and medically treating eye diseases. At Wolfe Eye Clinic, they can also co-manage eye disease treatment with our ophthalmologists. Wolfe Eye Clinic eye specialists not only work hand-in-hand with Wolfe Eye Clinic optometrists but optometrists across Iowa to provide premier vision care closer to home. In fact, Wolfe Eye Clinic specialists are some of the most highly referred to ophthalmologists by optometrists throughout Iowa.

Pediatric Eye Disease Management & Strabismus Surgery

As children grow, their eyesight develops with them. Vision abnormalities that typically begin to take form during childhood such as amblyopia (“lazy eye”) or strabismus (eye muscle misalignment) are known as childhood eye disorders. While the condition may not be immediately apparent, children may start to display unusual behavior such as tilting one’s head to see or struggling in school from being unable to see the whiteboard.

Wolfe Eye Clinic pediatric specialists are highly trained in diagnosing and treating pediatric eye conditions with the utmost care and helping parents understand the vision issues their child is facing. Not only does Wolfe Eye Clinic offer advanced testing and treatment methodologies for pediatric eye conditions including strabismus, but has been honored as an award-winning research site for Pediatric Eye Disease Investigator Group (PEDIG) for several years, helping to advance pediatric treatments throughout the world.

Wolfe Eye Clinic pediatric eye disease specialists offer childhood eye disease evaluation and treatment in Iowa with locations in Ankeny and Des Moines.

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Retina Disease Management & Surgery

The retina is a thin layer of tissue that lines the back of the eye. Composed of millions of light-sensitive cells, the retina receives and converts light refracted by the cornea into nerve impulses which enables us to see. Retina disease encompasses a range of conditions including diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and retinal detachment, to name a few. These diseases and others, impact various parts of the retina and can cause a variety of visual impairments ranging from floaters to complete loss of central vision.

Wolfe Eye Clinic’s fellowship-trained retina ophthalmologists are experts in diagnosing and treating complex retinal issues. While treatment varies greatly by condition, intravitreal injections into the eye are staple treatments for those suffering from wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetic eye disease. Having administered nearly 400,000 anti-vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) intravitreal injections and actively participating in clinical nation-wide research, you can trust Wolfe Eye Clinic is providing cutting-edge treatment while helping to advance retinal treatment regimens and surgery.

Wolfe Eye Clinic retina specialists offer retina disease evaluation and treatment in Ames, AnkenyCarrollCedar FallsDes MoinesFort DodgeHiawatha (Cedar Rapids)Iowa CityMarshalltownOttumwaPleasant HillSpencer and Waterloo.

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