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Wolfe Eye Clinic Fort Dodge

From LASIK consultations to cataract treatment, Wolfe Eye Clinic’s eye doctors in Fort Dodge, Iowa offer convenient, expert eye care services near you. With offices across the state, Wolfe Eye Clinic has provided industry-leading specialty eye care for Iowans for decades. The team and staff commit themselves to a higher standard of eye care, striving to exceed the needs and expectations of each patient that walks through our doors. When it comes to eye care services you can count on, choose Wolfe Eye Clinic Fort Dodge, where your sight is our vision.

LASIK Consultations in Northwest Iowa

We’re proud to offer local, convenient LASIK consultations to Northwest Iowa communities. More Iowans trust their eyes to Wolfe Eye Clinic than any other LASIK provider in the state. The main reason? Experience. At your free LASIK evaluation,  our LASIK specialists will begin by performing a full comprehensive eye exam, including specialty corneal tests to ensure your LASIK candidacy. Our LASIK surgeon will then thoroughly discuss your LASIK options or any alternatives to LASIK surgery that may be best for you.

If you suffer from a refractive disorder such as being nearsighted, farsighted or having astigmatism, LASIK surgery may offer the vision you want without the constraints of glasses or contacts. Wolfe Eye Clinic Fort Dodge is conveniently located to serve Northwest Iowa for LASIK consultations and expertise. If you and your LASIK specialist decide LASIK is right for you, the procedure will be performed in our state-of-the-art LASIK Center in Des Moines. Schedule your no-obligation, free LASIK consultation with one of our LASIK specialists today. Fill out our form here, or give us a call at (833) 532-8809. We always recommend and provide the best treatment for you.

Eye Care Services Offered at Our Fort Dodge Clinic

With multiple locations across Iowa, we have a long local history and are rooted in our communities. We’ve been serving Iowan’s across the state for more than 100 years and we will be around to continue to serve Iowan’s for years to come. At Wolfe Eye Clinic Fort Dodge, some of the nation’s most skilled specialists utilize the latest technologies and treatments to provide services, including:

  • Glaucoma: Glaucoma is a condition that results in slow progressive damage to the optic nerve, which sends information from the eye to the brain. If you suffer from glaucoma, visit our Fort Dodge clinic to meet with one of our glaucoma specialists.

  • Cornea Disease: The cornea is the eye’s outermost layer. It is the clear, dome-shaped surface that covers the front of the eye. Our eye doctors in Fort Dodge, Iowa can help treat several different corneal diseases.

  • Retina Disease and Surgery: Our retina specialists in Fort Dodge offer multiple treatment options for your condition including the most advanced treatment options in intravitreal injections and retina surgery. Please contact us today for more information on your eye condition!

Cataract Specialists and Retina Eye Specialists in Fort Dodge

Wolfe’s specialty eye doctors in Fort Dodge, Iowa have advanced fellowship training in specific areas of eye care expertise. Our Fort Dodge office places an emphasis on cataract and retinal disease and surgery services. Both our cataract specialists and retina eye specialists have decades of experience, and believe that forming and maintaining positive relationships with their patients is just as important as having technical expertise. We understand how important your vision is and strive to not only treat your condition using Iowa’s leading technologies and procedures, but educate you on these conditions and be there to answer questions along the way.

Are cataracts clouding your vision? Don’t let blurry vision disrupt your life! Contact a cataract specialist at Wolfe Eye Clinic Fort Dodge today. Cataracts develop very slowly and can be monitored by your optometrist, but when they reach a point of disrupting daily life, it may be time to see a cataract specialist at Wolfe Eye Clinic. Cataract surgery is the only effective treatment for this condition, and our Fort Dodge clinic provides complete cataract evaluation and treatment for Iowans. Contact our cataract specialists to learn more about cataracts, the risk factors and your treatment options.

Retinal diseases come in many forms, and may be treated in different ways that a retina specialist can help to examine and treat. With decades of experience treating retina diseases, including macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, retina detachment and macular holes, you can trust the retina eye specialists at Wolfe Eye Clinic Fort Dodge for convenient, expert treatment.

Choose Wolfe’s Eye Doctors in Fort Dodge, Iowa

Wolfe Eye Clinic provides expert eye care and convenience to all Iowans. When it comes to selecting an eye care specialist, seeing is believing. That’s why generations of Iowans have trusted the medical and surgical experts at Wolfe Eye Clinic to provide a higher standard of eye-care excellence.

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