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Wolfe Eye Clinic Ottumwa

Motivated by the needs of our patients, Wolfe Eye Clinic’s eye doctors in Ottumwa, Iowa have been serving the eye care needs of Iowans for decades. Our team of specialized physicians is committed to a higher standard of eye care excellence, striving to exceed the needs and expectations of each and every patient that walks through our doors. Wolfe Eye Clinic Ottumwa is at the forefront of technology in the eye care industry, and utilizes such technologies along with the latest procedures to treat a variety of eye conditions that were once untreatable. Our Ottumwa office, located inside of the Ottumwa hospital in Suite 110, also provides an optical department for trying on glasses making your eye care that much more convenient!

Specialty Eye Care Services Available in Ottumwa

The Wolfe Eye Clinic eye doctors in Ottumwa, Iowa have advanced fellowship training in specific areas of eye care expertise making them more than qualified to diagnose and treat your condition. Our numerous locations throughout the state have been serving Iowans with the latest and greatest eye care services and Wolfe Eye Clinic values for over 100 years. Services offered at Wolfe Eye Clinic Ottumwa include:

  • Cataract Evaluation & Surgery: Cataracts develop slowly over time, clouding the typically clear lens of the eye and causing blurred vision. If you begin to notice the symptoms of cataracts, or are looking to learn more about the condition, contact our cataract specialists at Wolfe Eye Clinic Ottumwa for a cataract evaluation.

  • Corneal Disease: Wolfe Eye Clinic can help treat several different corneal diseases, including conjunctivitis (Pink Eye), keratoconus, dry eye, Fuchs’ corneal dystrophy and corneal injuries and corneal abrasions. Our cornea specialists offer complete corneal disease expertise throughout Iowa, including your Ottumwa location. If you have any corneal disease-related questions, contact our corneal disease specialists in Ottumwa.

  • LASIK: If you suffer from a refractive disorder such as being nearsighted, farsighted or having astigmatism, LASIK surgery may offer the vision you want without the constraints of glasses or contacts. Schedule a free LASIK consultation with our LASIK specialists in Ottumwa today-- just fill out our form here, or give us a call at (833) 532-8809

  • Optometry: The optometrists at our Ottumwa location are highly-experienced in diagnosing and monitoring eye diseases, injuries and disorders. Contact our optometrist at Wolfe Eye Clinic today for your eye care needs.

Retina Eye Specialists in Ottumwa

Retina treatment and surgery comes in a few different forms based upon your specific retinal condition. Be sure to ask your retina specialist in Ottumwa about treatment options during your retina consultation. To request information, fill out our form here

  • Vitrectomy: This type of retina surgery is performed to remove the vitreous gel. Doing so gives the doctor better access to the retina, or the back of the eye. The procedure involves suctioning out the vitreous gel. The retina surgeon will then treat it based on the condition at hand. Afterwards, silicone oil or a gas is injected into the eye to replace the vitreous gel and restore normal pressure in the eye.

  • Retinal Cryotherapy: This procedure uses intense cold to induce a scar to destroy retinal or choroidal tissue. It is used to treat a wide array of conditions that can affect the retina. It involves placing a metal probe against the eye which becomes cold. This will create water crystals followed by rapid thawing. The process destroys tissue resulting in the formation of scar tissue and healing of the retina.

  • Scleral Buckle: Typically used to treat retinal detachment, this procedure uses a piece of silicone sponge, rubber, or semi-hard plastic that is placed on the sclera, or outside white layer of the eye. The surgeon will sew the band to the eye forcing the sclera toward the center ultimately relieving the pull on the retina.

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