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Wolfe Eye Clinic Waterloo

The Waterloo Wolfe Eye Clinic office offers complete medical and surgical eye care in Waterloo, Iowa. Our team of eye care specialists are part of Wolfe Eye Clinic’s industry-leading team of doctors. Each of our ophthalmologists  in the Waterloo office are dedicated to providing a higher standard of eye care to all Iowans. We offer state-of-the-art eye clinics and eye surgical centers across the state of Iowa, including a location in Waterloo. The eye and retina specialists at Wolfe Eye Clinic in Waterloo provide a wide array of expertise and treatment options.

Specialty Eye Care Services Available at Wolfe Eye Clinic Waterloo

From LASIK surgeons to retina specialists, our Waterloo ophthalmologists are leaders in eye care. With additional advanced fellowship training in specific areas of eye care, Wolfe’s eye doctors in Waterloo are experts in eye care services and treatments for a large range of eye disorders. On top of their training, the team at our Waterloo eye clinic have been serving Iowans for decades, developing a positive reputation amongst local optometry organizations and ophthalmologists statewide.

LASIK Evaluations at Wolfe Eye Clinic Waterloo

Wolfe Eye Clinic in Waterloo offers free LASIK consultations and evaluations, with the LASIK surgery procedure taking place in our Hiawatha (Cedar Rapids) LASIK Center.

At your LASIK eye exam in Waterloo, our LASIK specialty team will complete a comprehensive medical eye exam with additional specified testing to determine if you are a good candidate for vision correction surgery. Once the exam is complete, your and your LASIK surgeon will personally discuss your options. If you are looking to schedule a LASIK eye exam in Waterloo, we encourage you to contact our Wolfe Eye Clinic LASIK team today. Fill out our form here, or just give us a call at  (833) 532-8809.

Retina Specialists in Waterloo

Wolfe Eye Clinic in Waterloo is proud to offer convenient, expert retinal disease treatment and surgery. Our eye and retina specialists in Waterloo offer surgery options to help restore vision and prevent further loss of sight due to retinal disease. Treating retinal diseases including macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, retinal detachment and macular holes, our Waterloo retina specialists are highly-qualified experts committed to your eye health. Our team takes pride in forming positive, one-on-one relationships with all of our patients, and believe it is a driving force to our success. When you choose Wolfe Eye Clinic in Waterloo for your retinal care, you can expect to receive the highest level of eye care in Iowa.

Our eye care specialists utilize only the latest technology and procedures for your experience. Eye care services, in addition to retina care and LASIK evaluations, provided at Wolfe Eye Clinic in Waterloo include:

  • Glaucoma: If left untreated, glaucoma can lead to blindness. Please call a specialist at Wolfe Eye Clinic in Waterloo if you begin to experience severe headaches, eye pain or blurred vision. Our team of industry leading ophthalmologists deliver a higher standard of eye care for your glaucoma treatment.

  • Corneal disease: While many corneal conditions are able to be treated using eye drops or medication, advanced conditions may require surgery. Schedule your next corneal eye exam at Wolfe Eye Clinic in Waterloo, and be sure to inform your eye doctor if you begin to experience any of the early signs of corneal disease.

  • Cataract: While cataracts are a condition that can be treated by your routine eye doctor, they are a condition that worsens over time. As cataract symptoms worsen and begin to affect your daily life, you may be referred to a cataract specialist at Wolfe Eye Clinic. Cataract surgery is the only way to cure the condition. For the cataract treatment you can count on, visit a cataract specialist at Wolfe Eye Clinic in Waterloo.

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We know how important your sight is and make it our mission to provide the absolute best eye care for patients in Waterloo, Iowa. 

Choose the Eye Care Experts at Wolfe Eye Clinic in Waterloo

With locations all over the state, Wolfe Eye Clinic provides expert eye care and convenience to all Iowans. If you or a loved one is in need of eye care in Waterloo, trust the industry-leading ophthalmologists at Wolfe Eye Clinic. Contact our specialists today at (833) 474-5850, or request an appointment online here!

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