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Wolfe Eye Clinic Des Moines

The Wolfe Eye Clinic Des Moines office provides comprehensive medical and surgical eye care services. If you’re searching for a specialty eye surgeon or an ophthalmologist in Des Moines, Iowa, learn more about Wolfe Eye Clinic’s services and areas of expertise.

Our Local Ophthalmologists

With skilled and experienced physicians in all of our locations, we guarantee highly qualified services for your eye care needs when you choose Wolfe Eye Clinic Des Moines. Whether you’re searching for LASIK, retina, corneal or cataract surgery in Des Moines, our eye surgeons are fellowship-trained, meaning they have additional training in their specific field of study. Our eye surgeons lead the eye care industry, many of them actively contributing to the advancement of equipment and procedures used in their field.

Wolfe Eye Clinic Des Moines offers two of only six oculofacial plastic surgeons that are fellowship trained in the entire state to do eyelid surgery, lacrimal surgery and facial reconstructive surgery. In addition, we offer the best pediatric eye care in central Iowa with an advanced pediatric ophthalmology staff. 

Find an Eye Surgeon in Des Moines

The Wolfe Eye Clinic Des Moines office is home to Wolfe Surgery Center with a variety of surgical procedures available to you. If your eye condition requires surgical attention, visit our ophthalmologists and eye surgeons in Des Moines, Iowa at the Wolfe Surgery Center today! Our eye surgeons and entire staff look forward to serving your personal eye care needs.

Surgical Procedures Available At Wolfe Surgery Center

You can count on Wolfe Eye Clinic’s dedicated and highly experienced eye surgeons to take care of your eye needs with the latest and best equipment and procedures. Learn more about the surgical procedures available at our Des Moines location

Cataract Surgery: Maybe you or your loved one has been told by your eye doctor you have cataracts or the start of them? Rest assured, our Des Moines cataract surgeons regularly perform procedures to correct cataract conditions in our surgery center and at trusted partner hospitals. We offer cataract evaluations in Des Moines to determine if you are a candidate and which replacement lens might help you achieve your best vision goals. Request more cataract information here!

Glaucoma Surgery: Our Des Moines glaucoma specialists identify the often hard-to-notice symptoms of glaucoma conditions and offer industry-leading treatment and surgery. If you believe you may have glaucoma or it runs in your family, schedule routine eye exams with your optometrist, or see a glaucoma specialist if recommended! 

Cornea: The cornea acts as a protective window, keeping foreign particles that can cause infections out of our eyes. Wolfe Eye Clinic in Des Moines offers cornea expertise and services for a wide range of corneal diseases or corneal injuries. Call us today for a cornea specialist in Des Moines.

Retina Surgery: Offering complete retina expertise across the state, our Des Moines eye surgeons use several retinal surgery techniques including vitrectomy, retinal cryopexy and scleral buckle for your retina surgery needs. If you suffer from a retina disease, rest assured that the retina specialists in Des Moines at Wolfe Eye Clinic are experts at retina disease treatments including intravitreal injections for macular degeneration, or treatments for diabetic eye disease, macular holes, or retinal tears and detachments. The Iowa retina doctors at Wolfe Eye Clinic are fellowship trained and participate in various clinical trials to help advance the treatments available for their patients and patients around the world.

Oculofacial Plastic Surgery: Wolfe Eye Clinic’s team of oculoplastic surgeons treat anything from eyelid malposition to aging changes and tumors that affect the eyelids and critical surrounding tissues. Home to two of only six fellowship trained oculofacial surgeons in the state, we are proud to offer advanced training for our patients who need eyelid surgery, facial reconstruction, lacrimal surgery or an other cosmetic surgery or injection services, such as Botox. 

Strabismus: While strabismus commonly affects children, it can impact adults, as well. If you or your child suffers from strabismus, or crossed eye, surgery may be required in the future to better align the eyes. However, there are non-surgical treatment options you can try first including patching one eye or using corrective lenses. Our team of eye care specialists treats both adult and childhood strabismus at Wolfe Eye Clinic in Des Moines.

LASIK Surgery in Des Moines

As one of the most common surgical eye treatment in the country, experience and training should be at the top of your list when considering LASIK surgery in Des Moines. At Wolfe Eye Clinic, our LASIK surgeons have both! We’ve been performing LASIK for more than 33 years to patients across the state, and we were the first to bring the technology to Iowa. With many of our doctors having achieved special fellowship training in laser vision correction, you won’t find a more qualified team for your LASIK surgery in Des Moines. Even better, with Wolfe Eye Clinic, you get to meet your LASIK surgeon at your LASIK consultation and they will discuss your test results with you so you know if you are a good candidate for LASIK in Iowa. We are here for you each step of the way and we offer free, no-pressure, LASIK consultations in Des Moines.

Request a LASIK Information Packet

Our eyes give us sight, one of our most important senses. It is crucial that you protect your eyes to lower the chance of blindness or poor vision. When you visit our specialists at Wolfe Eye Clinic, you can feel confident knowing you’ll be receiving the best care for your eyes. Schedule and appointment with our eye doctors in West Des Moines, your sight is our vision.

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