Happy child wearing glasses after childhood eye disorde

August 27, 2020

Preparing Your Child's Eyes for the School Year!

August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month; just in time for back-to-school preparations! As parents prepare for children to return to school or learn virtually from home, it’s important to keep their eye health and vision in mind. Healthy vision is essential to learning! So, while you’re out and about picking up fresh school supplies and new clothes to prepare for the school year ahead, make sure your children have a routine eye exam or updated glasses to see the best they can and practice eye safety during their extracurricular activities!

Some commonly asked questions about eye health and safety for children are…

What vision issues can my child have?

Iowa Pediatric Eye Doctor | Kid Eye ExamMany kids struggle with childhood eye disorders and some conditions require a form of vision correction such as glasses to see better. Childhood eye disorders are a group of eye conditions that can disrupt vision in children including nearsightedness, farsightedness, amblyopia also known as “lazy eye”, pediatric strabismus and astigmatism. Each pediatric eye condition has its own unique symptoms, but many make seeing difficult for your child which can affect learning in the classroom and completing homework without proper care and treatment.

How can I tell if my child has a childhood eye disorder?

It’s important to schedule annual eye exams with your local eye doctor prior to school to help identify these issues early on. Keep an eye out for signs of possible eye problems and unusual behavior in kids. Your child may exhibit behaviors such as closing one eye, tilting their head or rubbing their eyes to help them see better or they  mention difficulty seeing the whiteboard. You child may also show seemingly unrelated behaviors such as sitting too close to the television or avoid reading. These can be telltale signs that your child is struggling with vision.

How do I protect my child’s eyes?

Each year, thousands of kids have eye accidents and eye injuries. These can occur while playing, at home, in the car and especially during sports. The best way to prevent eye injuries in children from occurring is to become familiar with potentially dangerous situations at home and in school, and insist that kids wear protective eyewear during activities. Protective eyewear can include lensed eye guards, anti-fog protective lenses or protective googles that are sized correctly. Work with your child’s eye doctor to get the best eye protection!

Is there a pediatric eye specialist near me?

If you believe your child is struggling with their vision, a good place to start is with your family eye doctor! They can help provide primary eye care and refer to a Wolfe Eye Clinic pediatric ophthalmologist if a childhood eye disorder is discovered or specialized care is needed. If you would like more information on pediatric ophthalmology at Wolfe Eye Clinic, you can request that here. Our pediatric ophthalmologists specialize in medical eye care and surgical treatment of eye disorders in children and offer complete pediatric eye care in Ames, Des Moines, Hiawatha (Cedar Rapids), Iowa City, Marshalltown and Waterloo. We are here to help ensure your child has the best vision possible as they grow!