February 9, 2016

Planning for LASIK at Wolfe Eye Clinic

Thinking about having LASIK surgery? The decision to have LASIK is an important one and can be life changing. In addition to ensuring you are a qualified candidate, there is also the expense to think about. Often, it's the financial cost that keeps qualified candidates from ultimately making the decision to have LASIK.

Flexible Spending Accounts, also known as Flex Plans or FSAs, are offered through many employers and have become a great option for those wanting to save money as they plan for their LASIK surgery. Laser vision correction is one of the many qualifying expenses eligible through most Flexible Spending Accounts. However, with one opportunity to enroll each year, it's important to plan ahead for these medical expenses you would like to have covered with pre-tax dollars.

Wolfe Eye Clinic will work with you on how to best pay for your LASIK eye surgery. The best way to start? First, let's see if you are a good candidate for LASIK. If you haven't already had a LASIK evaluation, contact us to schedule at an office of your convenience including Des Moines, Ames, Marshalltown, Fort Dodge, Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Cedar Rapids or Iowa City. This will determine if you are a good candidate and if LASIK is right for you.

Having LASIK at Wolfe Eye Clinic is very convenient as we are the only all-inclusive provider in Iowa. All of the following is included within the fee for our LASIK surgery:

  • Your preoperative evaluation appointment
  • All preoperative and postoperative eye drop medications
  • LASIK laser vision correction treatment
  • 12 months of postoperative care
  • Any necessary enhancements during the first two years

Contact us with any questions! Schedule a LASIK evaluation at a Wolfe Eye Clinic location closest to you, or call our LASIK Patient Coordinator at (833) 532-8809 to discuss your particular needs.