Wolfe Eye Clinic cataract surgeon and patient

November 6, 2020

Dr. James Davison places the first Vivity® Presbyopia-Correcting Intraocular Lens in Iowa Offering Patients Extended Range of Vision After Cataract Surgery.

Wolfe Eye Clinic cataract surgeon, James Davison, M.D., recently placed Iowa’s first AcrySof® IQ Vivity® intraocular lens (IOL) by Alcon during cataract surgery. Vivity is a first-in-its-kind and said to be a break-through for presbyopic patients that rely on reading glasses to focus on close objects. After placement of Vivity, patients have reported high-quality vision at far and immediate distances in addition to functional up-close vision with significantly reduced or eliminated dependency on eyeglasses. Wolfe Eye Clinic was selected as one of the few ophthalmology practices in the United States to begin offering this state-of-art technology in September. Dr. Davison has continued to implant the lens on qualified patients in cataract surgery through October and continues to be pleased with the results in our patients. Wolfe Eye Clinic is excited about the vision possibilities it offers for Iowans!

Cataracts are common with age and progressively cloud the eye’s natural lens. This typically causes foggy, blurry and dull vision at all distances and driving at night becomes increasingly difficult. During cataract surgery, the natural lens containing the cataract is removed and replaced with an artificial intraocular lens, also known as an IOL. There are several types of IOLs. Some IOLs restore pre-cataractous vision and offer only distance or near vision with the assistance of glasses following cataract surgery. Other premium IOL options enhance eyesight by providing a range of vision at multiple distances and reduce or eliminate the need for glasses after surgery.

Wolfe Eye Clinic cataract surgeon, Dr. Davison, and patient after successful Iowa cataract surgery

Vivity is the latest IOL to be released by Alcon, the leading global manufacturer of IOLs. It offers qualified patients an extended range of vision following cataract surgery and is the only presbyopia-correcting IOL with X-WAVE technology available on the market. Many patients that are diagnosed with cataracts already have presbyopia. While they are separate and unrelated conditions, both tend to develop with age. Cataracts progressively impact vision at all distances; presbyopia makes focusing on up-close objects such as books, menus and computers increasingly difficult overtime. With the new Vivity lens, vision simultaneously impacted by both conditions can be addressed with one form of treatment.

”This intraocular lens is a real game changer”, said Dr. James Davison, Cataract and LASIK surgeon at Wolfe Eye Clinic. “Since 2003, most previous multifocal lenses have relied on diffractive rings molded into the surface of the plastic to create two primary focal points. This is very effective for most patients, but some may see rings around lights at night. They usually fade, but the Vivity lens does not utilize a diffractive design so the risk of seeing those rings is not increased and good vision is obtained at three tested distances.”

“Medium distance is beautiful. Watching TV is just wonderful. I used to have three sets of glasses and now I have none. Everything looks so clean, so natural, inside or outside color wise.”

-Joe, Wolfe Eye Clinic Patient, October 2020


According to Alcon, patient-reported outcomes indicate that Vivity enables functional up-close vision and clinical trials found that over 90% of patients reported good or very good vision at arm’s length and distance. While there are risks and possible side effects with any surgery, clinical trials also indicate low and comparable levels of side effects such as starbursts, halos and glares to the standard monofocal IOL most commonly placed.

Des Moines surgeon, Dr. Davison, and patient after positive Iowa cataract surgery experience

Wolfe Eye Clinic patient testimonials reflect Alcon’s findings of good vision outcomes for patients with minimal side effects after implantation of Vivity. Linda McAtee, the first patient to have a Vivity IOL placed by Dr. Davison simply says, “It is amazing.” Susan Jenks commented about her new Vivity presbyopia-correcting IOL after cataract surgery as well, “I am happy. It's amazing! I don't see rings or halos around anything. I am in just in awe… It's a miracle.”

Barbara Bethal, another Wolfe Eye Clinic cataract patient reported similar cataract surgery vision outcomes stating, “I couldn’t see even with my glasses [before surgery] and now I can see everything!”

While not all patients are candidates for all lens options including Vivity, Wolfe Eye Clinic cataract surgeons perform comprehensive cataract evaluations to determine the best IOL option for each patient. Wolfe Eye Clinic looks forward to continuing to offer Iowans the latest in IOL technology and some of the best cataract surgery vision outcomes in the state.

If you would like to schedule a cataract evaluation, please call (833) 474-5850 or request an appointment here. Wolfe Eye Clinic works with eye doctors around the state and can manage your cataract eye care with your regular optometrist. Having routine eye exams or reporting any vision issues to your optometrist can ensure cataracts are detected early on and you’re referred to a cataract specialist for cataract evaluation and treatment at the right time.

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